This Beautiful Light

State I U.S.

$380 AUD

10cm x 10cm hand-pulled carboard collagraph print, unframed.

This is a collagraph produced from a “found” repurposed and recycled cardboard collagraph plate. Cardboard boxes destined for recycling are repurposed as intaglio plates using the natural textures of the cardboard box to scribe and print an intaglio print without an etching process required. The fragile nature of the material results in very limited editions or unique state prints as the plate slowly disintegrates with each print. The unusually shaped prints are formed by the original unfolded packing box design.

The plate is handmade, inked up by hand using Gamblin brand etching ink and printed on Fabriano Rosaspina 280gsm paper using a traditional hand turned etching press. This print version is the first state for this work using repurposed and recycled plate material. This version is hand coloured and is a unique state variant.

As each print is individually inked and pulled only once by hand in my studio, the results always vary minutely and each print, whilst part of an edition set, is unique.

Image size 10 x 10cm, paper size 16.5 x 17.5cm. Limited to just 1 archival print.